Happy Tails – October 21, 2017

As we work to revamp the website and our social media, here at CISAR we are going to try and make things a little more personal with our outreach, including at least once weekly updates about our adoption events, some of our longer term residents out at the shelter, and way that you and your family can involved! So without much further ado, this past Saturday we had a great time uniting some sweet boys and girls with their new forever families! First up we had Sunny, Zoe, and Casey, who all seem in love with their new owners:

And much to no one’s surprise, the last of Diamond’s babies have been adopted! Diamond was a young mama who had 5 sweet boxer/mastiff babies. The last two, Pita (who has been renamed Angel) and China White melted a few hearts and found their homes as well.

But the most bittersweet adoption this Saturday was this last guy. His name is Skip and he has been at the shelter since 2010. That’s right, 7 long years Skip has been bringing joy to the workers and volunteers of CISAR with his big grins and sweet demeanor, and every time someone stopped to pet him, we always hoped that that day would be his day. We are pleased to announce that Skip has finally found his forever home!



Happy Trails and Happy Tails to Skip, his new mom, and everyone else who has a heart big enough for these sweet guys and girls!

Until next week,



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