CISAR is a no kill shelter and low-cost vet clinic supported by local businesses and people like you. We have been NO KILL for OVER 16 years!

501(c)(3) Central Illinois Small Animal Rescue (CISAR) at Colfax Illinois is in urgent immediate need of funds. 

The 18 year old No-Kill shelter currently houses 48 dogs and 52 cats, and has low cost vet clinic for the community, helping those in need to keep their pets healthy and home. CISAR dogs take mobile adoption bus twice a week for classes with an Illinois State University dog behaviorist specialist. CISAR also works with the University of Illinois Spay-Neuter mobile unit, which visits the shelter twice a month .

CISAR saves animals from Chicago Animal Control, Anti-cruelty Society, and kill facilities from all over the country, including natural disasters. A vital animal shelter in central Illinois, CISAR’s life-saving impact is local and far reaching for animals in need of good care and good homes.

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